Grief Support

You're Not Alone

We strive to be our community’s resource for anything that will help family and friends work through the grief that comes with the death of someone we love.

We provide Grief Recovery classes twice a year here at the funeral home. These classes are not an instant cure to one’s grief but they give you tools to work through your grief as you experience it. A class to help with “Coping With The Holidays” is held each November and our yearly "Memorial Service" to remember those who have died over the past year is held each year on the first Sunday of December.

A monthly pot luck in our reception hall is made up of present and past Grief Recovery Class members.

We also have numerous books and publications available at the funeral home.

Please check this page frequently for our updated list of community events specifically for the bereaved sponsored both by the funeral home, local hospices and others.

The staff at the Craig K. Kempf Family Funeral Homes can provide you or your loved ones with information and other resources. For any questions please call the funeral home at (269) 781-9858.